This electronic switch is small and has a separate control panel. Thus, the paths from the battery to the consumer remain short, and thecontrol unit can be mounted at a suitable location in the model. The battery voltage is constantly signaled by means of two LEDs and thanks to the power-saving microprocessor the switch can remain permanently on the battery. The switch does also provide information about the actual voltage of the battery.


  • Operating voltage 3.6-7V (operating range of 4-5 cells NiCd / NiMh)
  • minimum current 3A / 10A peak
  • status indication of battery voltage via different colored LEDs (green/red)
  • simple mechanical construction due to restricted production possibilities (one-sided printing plate)
  • use of SMD technology
  • use of a ATMEL Tiny microcontroller
  • as a special feature, the button and the two LEDs should be mounted on a separate circuit board and connected with a cable to the main board.
  • continuous connected on the battery, even after flight and when stored in the hobby cellar
  • periodic status indication of the battery voltage during storage
  • possibility to operate with other types of batteries / number of cells


The switch is to be operated via the button. When switched on, the green LED indicate this state with continuous light. The red LEDsignals the current voltage level of the battery. To prevent unwanted switching states during flight and handling with the model, the switch must be activated and deactivated as follows:

  • Switch it on: press button longer than 0.5 sec in the switched off state
  • Switch it off: press the button until the green LED starts flashing quickly (1 sec.), now release the button and wait for the secondflashing frequency. Then press button again => OFF


einbau.jpg pcb1.png pcb2.png sample.jpg schema1.png schema2.png


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